Born and living in Russia, Nizhnevartovsk.

-- Beginning in music

When I was ~6 years old my mum tried to make me learn music and gave me to the music class, but I showed no potential in this. All childhood I was looking at my brother doing something in FL Studio 4, MTV Music Generator, eJay and wanted to try it too.

When I turned ~8 years old, my brother presented me my own personal computer and I tried very hard at learning fl studio, but I could only make shitty remixes, terrible covers and awful inharmonic melodies, so my interest in composing music was fading away.

When I was about 13-14 years old I tried myself at milkytracker, but my mother grounded me and prohibited me to use my PC until I pass my exams at school. In this period, when I couldn't use PC, brother gave me one more cool present: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and installed on it RetroPie for playing games using tv, but after some time I managed to get to the Linux terminal, update OS, install XFCE4 and milkytracker [I even tried LSDJ, NES Pulsar], so I was in music again. (btw I passed the exams after this). At 2015-2018 changed my nickname several times and now stopped at the current one.

-- Beginning in Web-Designing

In first year of college studying, I and my fellow students began to learn basics of HTML and CSS, I already had some knowledge in it, but I don't remember where I got it from, so I just tried to train myself something more of web-programming. Tried several editors of web pages and tried VS Code for almost everything related to programming.

At this moment I was doing web-programming like a hobby and still attempted to make perfect [imo] web-sites learning php, js.

-- Beginning in Coding

Actually, I am still in the beginning of coding, because I still cant make any really useful software :)

-- Secondary hobbies

I am learning to make pixel arts. Quite good at designing pixel items for games.
Also learning to draw. Because of drawing I am thinking about buying graphics tablet

I like to make models in Techne and Blockbench. Too lazy for Blender and C4D. In a lot of years ago I tried Carrara 6 Pro.
Sometimes I do something in Visual Basic 6.0, VB2010, VB2012, JS, BAT. Learning to code with Python3, already have semi-working bot for Telegram.

-- Dead hobbies

At 2014-2017 period I loved Russian YTP community and I tried to do YTPs and YTPMVs, but in recent years community is almost dead, so I had to leave it.
But sometimes I am still making lulz videos

Thx for reading